If you have a foot or ankle problem our highly trained podiatrists can help you!
We keep you walking!

Our podiatrists diagnose and treat lower extremity problems including foot malalignment such as flat feet, bunions and high arches.

Our podiatry outpatient clinic is located on the west stide of Los Angeles.
We serve all age groups from young athletes to the elderly in the Culver City and LA communities.

We take good care of your feet and
help build a healthy body from the ground up.



We also help with:
Heel spurs plantar fasciitis ankle/foot sprains ingrown toenails
hammer toes painful corns foot infections fungal nails
athlete's foot plantar warts shin splints foot calluses
diabetic foot problems foot wound care

Foot and/or ankle surgery is sometimes necessary for arthritic feet, fractures (bone breakage) and other lower body muscle, tendon, bone or joint disorders.

Help build a better body from the ground up with
Associated Foot Care, Inc.